Customer Testimonials

Stephen Eggleston

Stuart is an incredibly talented coach. He has taught both myself and my 7-year-old son, and he clearly has a brilliant technical knowledge base, but perhaps, more importantly, has such a thoughtful, tailored approach to helping us both improve and have fun! He has taken both of our games to a new level, always giving just the right amount of information for each of us to focus on. Stu has a special ability to understand people and service, going above and beyond which just drives so much loyalty. 

He is always available to help, even if he can’t fit a lesson in. I recall one example when I messaged and asked for a lesson because I was struggling, Stu was out for lunch in London, but he told me to send over a video and within minutes he had sent over a few thoughts to keep me going until the next lesson. Very rarely do people make themselves available like that! Always a smiling, welcoming face, Stu sets such a great tone for the golf club as a whole, beyond just being a wonderful coach!

Sandra Hughesdon

I was at the point of literally giving up on the game, but then Stuart stepped in, turned my game around and gave me so much confidence I amaze myself sometimes when playing! His method of teaching is to watch and listen to you and your concerns and then clearly and quite simply direct you to rectify your issues. 

Stuart has given me the knowledge and confidence that when something goes wrong on the course, I can regroup, go through the steps and quickly put it right. We are lucky to have Stuart and good to know he is there to help out so many members with their game.

Nick Jefferson

Stuart has transformed my game massively. I was struggling with my game and got myself into a muddle, but with Stuart, we went back to basics which simple and clear instruction and my handicap dropped 4 shots in a matter of weeks, back to how I used to play. I now have the confidence and understanding of where the ball is going with my swing. I look forward to many future lessons with Stuart in the future.

Jon Glenn

What a great coach. Stuart keeps it simple and with the videos, he takes on his iPad it's really easy to see and understand what he is talking about. His lessons are always good fun and you come away feeling good about your game. Highly recommended and the proof is in the pudding with my handicap down from 11 to 7 since I started seeing him.

Garry Dean

If you weren’t already aware of this - you are a golfing genius based on the revolution you have thus far created in my golf game. I played some of the best and most enjoyable golf ever yesterday. You’ve no idea how it feels not to be terrified over most shots. My short game was even good and I haven’t had a lesson on that from you for six months. Even my wife loves you as she dreads my mood after golf and last night I was a happy little camper.

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